Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Content Analysis: ABC, ESPN, WZZM, and PEOPLE

*Double column top link bars
*Top of page running score bar
*Picture slideshow top left two-thirds
*Top right headline LINKS
*Lower page split into boxes featuring analysts, polls, and ESPN programming guide
THOUGHTS: Top of page clean, bottom gets very busy. Programming guide good idea. Static image on the front page rather than a video may be a better way to go…
*3 column format
*Single column top links
*Left hand side headlines, sentence teasers with LINKS to stories
*Right hand side 2nd column Picture with story caption
*3rd column less important story bites, pictures
*bottom 1st column TOP READ stories
*bottom 1st column CELEBRITY FUN FACT
*3rd column right, video, game, and extra links.
THOUGHTS: celebrity fun fact could be an “WOLV fun fact” and the Top Read stories could be top stories links of the week on the front page.

*logo with search engine embed
*single column top links
*modified 3 column form
*rotating still image story on top left
*top links on right
*RIGHT column mostly ads
*Video bar in middle of the page
*rest of page is genre specific links
THOUGHTS: site is very busy and dominated by ads on the right hand side. Again the static picture indicates that may be the way to go instead of using the promo video on the front page.
*single link bar across top
*lots of images, less text. Images used to link to shows/departments
*interactive poll bottom right
THOUGHTS: The homepage is elegant, simple, and eye-catching. I like the video and static both appearing top of the page. The interactive poll may be a viable option…could help register participation rates.


Blogger Fara Warner said...

I like your content analysis, especially of WZZM13. It amazes me how local news stations and newspapers choose to present their news. It's as if no one has taught them usability and human-machine interface techniques.

I'm going to deluge you over the break with articles and links that you may find interesting. I also had a great time at the Poynter Multimedia Educators conference and have someone for you to talk to at a local station in Tampa St. Pete who runs their web side of the news. I'll put the two of you in touch.


February 17, 2009 at 3:16 PM  

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