Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Continued User Examination

So I've been continuing to monitor user statistics for the WOLV websites/blogs, etc. and have been comparing them to our TV viewing patterns.  Thus far I have discovered basically that this is a complete waste of time. We shouldn't be trying to vie for the same audience over both platforms. Instead, WOLV should be finding ways to reach the different audiences that use each platforms. 
  For example, WOLV has been putting up shows online. Each blog carries full recent episodes, and the main website (the new website is now live, by the way) has feature videos and promo clips. Some of WOLV's work has been embedded by other sites, thus generating new viewing audiences.  A recent story on soccer player Peri Merosivic, for example, made it up on MGoBlue.com.  People who don't have access to WOLV, and generally aren't interested in our other programming, were able to still see our work through this extended platform.
  I think the station needs to have two marketing areas: one for the web, and one for the TV channel. The TV channel can be marketed in the dorms specifically (especially considering the channel is only featured in University Buildings).  The web marketing can focus on getting uploaded content embedded or linked to other sites to increase traffic. Sports related pieces, for example, can be pitched to popular sports sites/blogs.  I have had entertainment videos that I put on my blogged linked to celebrity fan sites that have in return driven hundreds of viewers to my video. 
  Understanding the changing audiences and their needs/wants will also be helpful when trying to sell advertising. WOLV offers an unique demo as a channel, but that demo is automatically expanded when our work goes up online. Being able to offer that extra bit of viewership to potential advertisers will hopefully entice more people to want to work with WOLV. 


Blogger Fara Warner said...

You appear to have hit on the main problem so many of us have when determining the linkage (or lack thereof) between television content and web content or for that matter newspaper content and web content. Are they complementary or do they cannibalize or are they very different animals? I'm happy to see that you are dealing with the same issues that exist in the real world. That doesn't make it any easier of course. I like your idea of having two different focuses (or is that foci) for the different mediums. I look forward to hearing more about that. Would you be interested in coming and speaking to my Blogosphere class this term. I think your experiences in the independent study would be interesting for the students to hear.
Let me know and we can work out a day that would work.

February 27, 2009 at 3:06 PM  

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