Monday, April 6, 2009

WOLV wrap-up

I feel like my research has paid off. The results of my study have allowed me to tailor the WOLV executive board for next year to help bridge the gap between traditional and multimedia journalism. WOLV will now have a multimedia manager with HTML and other necessary web experience that will be used to not just create and maintain blogs but also more indepth show websites. He'll also be able to maintain and continue to modify the newly designed WOLV website.
Interviews indicated that the introduction of the multimedia content this year was generally a success and something that producers next year hope, and are willing to, continue.
As much as the process was a struggle I feel that overall everyone was able to gather something positive from it and hopefully can use their experiences to aid in a future job/internship search.
I am still monitoring statistics on the blogs and websites and have still found the same patterns to persist. Users of the internet material differ from those of our regular station content, although there have been requests for station content to appear online. We broadcast the MSA debates and I received numerous emails asking where they could be viewed by individuals who didn't have access to the dorms. The ability to provide all our content online thus increased our viewership and performed a public service for the University.


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