Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Continued User Examination

So I've been continuing to monitor user statistics for the WOLV websites/blogs, etc. and have been comparing them to our TV viewing patterns.  Thus far I have discovered basically that this is a complete waste of time. We shouldn't be trying to vie for the same audience over both platforms. Instead, WOLV should be finding ways to reach the different audiences that use each platforms. 
  For example, WOLV has been putting up shows online. Each blog carries full recent episodes, and the main website (the new website is now live, by the way) has feature videos and promo clips. Some of WOLV's work has been embedded by other sites, thus generating new viewing audiences.  A recent story on soccer player Peri Merosivic, for example, made it up on MGoBlue.com.  People who don't have access to WOLV, and generally aren't interested in our other programming, were able to still see our work through this extended platform.
  I think the station needs to have two marketing areas: one for the web, and one for the TV channel. The TV channel can be marketed in the dorms specifically (especially considering the channel is only featured in University Buildings).  The web marketing can focus on getting uploaded content embedded or linked to other sites to increase traffic. Sports related pieces, for example, can be pitched to popular sports sites/blogs.  I have had entertainment videos that I put on my blogged linked to celebrity fan sites that have in return driven hundreds of viewers to my video. 
  Understanding the changing audiences and their needs/wants will also be helpful when trying to sell advertising. WOLV offers an unique demo as a channel, but that demo is automatically expanded when our work goes up online. Being able to offer that extra bit of viewership to potential advertisers will hopefully entice more people to want to work with WOLV. 

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Trials and Tribulations of Website design

So this whole designing a website thing has been far harder than anticipated. Never before did I realize all of the different decision making and strategizing that goes into such an endeavor.
I have had to make decisions on pages, layouts, content, display, pictures, videos,...the list goes on and on. I thought that my content analysis of other sites would be more helpful. In reality it was practically useless. WOLV TV is not ANY of those other sites. We don't have the same business model, or the same goals.
The key with WOLV is that the internet is not a portal to drive traffic TO our channel, nor is it a portal to provide new information. Instead, it's a place where people can get information about our station (shows, leadership, funding, etc.) and potentially view content they otherwise would not be able to access. By each show having a blog they open WOLV's content up to a brand new audience. This audience has far different needs than the audience we serve in the dorms on the TV channel. Balancing these needs with our current station organization has been an important challenge.
My goal with this independent study is to see how we can make our programming more appealing to audiences outside the University while still keeping our fundamental principal that WOLV is about student's teaching students. The quality of our programming can't compete with the networks, but that's not the goal. Understanding that, and working on ways to still make our content relevant and desired is what I'm hoping to discover over the course of the semester.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


1. Have you ever watched WOLV TV?

2. Which of the following show(s) have you watched on WOLV TV?
The Entertainment Buzz
Turned On
Varsity Blue
You Say Maize, I Say Blue
Varsity Blue

3. Why do you watch WOLV TV?
I accidently stumbled across the channel
I want to know more about Michigan sports
I'm interested in campus related Entertainment news
I think it's funny
My friend is on TV
No reason

4. How often would you say you watch WOLV TV?
once a day
once a week
once a month
once a semester
once a year

5. Can you name one of the WOLV TV on air personalities? If so put as many as you can in the space below.

6. Have you ever visited the WOLV TV website, or watched a WOLV TV show online?

7. Do you have any suggestions for WOLV TV shows?

8. What channel is WOLV TV on?

Content Analysis: ABC, ESPN, WZZM, and PEOPLE

*Double column top link bars
*Top of page running score bar
*Picture slideshow top left two-thirds
*Top right headline LINKS
*Lower page split into boxes featuring analysts, polls, and ESPN programming guide
THOUGHTS: Top of page clean, bottom gets very busy. Programming guide good idea. Static image on the front page rather than a video may be a better way to go…
*3 column format
*Single column top links
*Left hand side headlines, sentence teasers with LINKS to stories
*Right hand side 2nd column Picture with story caption
*3rd column less important story bites, pictures
*bottom 1st column TOP READ stories
*bottom 1st column CELEBRITY FUN FACT
*3rd column right, video, game, and extra links.
THOUGHTS: celebrity fun fact could be an “WOLV fun fact” and the Top Read stories could be top stories links of the week on the front page.

*logo with search engine embed
*single column top links
*modified 3 column form
*rotating still image story on top left
*top links on right
*RIGHT column mostly ads
*Video bar in middle of the page
*rest of page is genre specific links
THOUGHTS: site is very busy and dominated by ads on the right hand side. Again the static picture indicates that may be the way to go instead of using the promo video on the front page.
*single link bar across top
*lots of images, less text. Images used to link to shows/departments
*interactive poll bottom right
THOUGHTS: The homepage is elegant, simple, and eye-catching. I like the video and static both appearing top of the page. The interactive poll may be a viable option…could help register participation rates.